Training & Development

Entrepreneurial organizations often hire talent to execute operations, then struggle to provide the necessary business training to elevate their rising stars. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, companies with fewer than 100 employees provide only 12 minutes of manager training every 6 months. 

Accelerated Growth's Training & Development program teaches business essentials to empower the leaders of entrepreneurial organizations. Through a hybrid model, the program gives participants both the flexibility to take video courses whenever and wherever they want, and the structure of scheduled office hours to ensure key learnings are understood and applied to their business. 


Our Modules

Our six-course program is chock full of lessons that can be applied directly to your business, and each course builds upon the last. The courses are :

Financial Statements

Demystify finance tools and techniques to understand, interpret, and drive decisions from three core financial statements: the Income Statement (P&L), the Balance Sheet, and the Statement of Cash Flows.


Topics covered:


  • Operating vs. non-operating activities and expenses
  • Categorizing financial activity (revenue, cost of goods sold, expenses)
  • Gross margin and net margin
  • Assets and liabilities
  • Equity
  • Categorizing cash by activity (operating, investing, financing)
  • Key ratios and formulas

Budgeting & Money Management

Learn the tools and techniques to manage cash flows and profitability.


Topics covered: 


  • Types of debt (term loan, line of credit, SBA loan)
  • Equity financing
  • Convertible notes
  • Cash flow management
  • Building a budget
  • Budgeting tool walkthrough
  • Calculating return on investment (ROI)

Operations Management

Identify opportunities for process improvement by leveraging best practices such as process mapping, key performance indicators, and more.


Topics covered:


  • Workflow management
  • Plant management
  • Supply chain management
  • Delivery management
  • Operational innovation
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Process mapping
  • Bottlenecks
  • Basics of Six Sigma and Kaizen methodologies

Project Management

Master the art of prioritization by using these project-planning tools to drive execution. 


Topics covered: 


  • The nine elements of successful project management
  • Building a strong rapport with clients
  • Presenting deliverables
  • Managing client expectations
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Public speaking best practices
  • Internal project meetings: agenda, cadence, and best practices
  • Managing workloads
  • Communicating expectations and feedback
  • Providing opportunities for growth

New Product Development

Assess your markets, competitors, and investments to drive business planning before launching new products.


Topics covered:


  • Intrapreneurship 
  • Innovation in the age of disruption
  • Product viability
  • Creating a minimum viable product
  • Product cannibalization
  • Service line extensions
  • Reasons new products fail
  • SWOT analysis
  • Strategy development and execution cycle
  • Iterative planning
  • Market segmentation and adjacent market growth
  • Value propositions

General Management

Create a foundation to become a better people manager and decision-maker, and to help you overcome challenges in a growing business.


Topics covered:


  • The five elements of EQ
  • Behaviors of successful leaders
  • Six leadership styles and how to transition between them
  • Servant leadership
  • Development/feedback framework
  • Carl Rogers’s self-actualization insights
  • “Radical candor” concepts 
  • Situation-Behavior-Impact tool for feedback
  • Delegating work