Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

Accelerated Growth thrives on the belief that advanced technology will scale the performance of your organization and drive a cost and strategic advantage. At AG, the use of the best in technology is our modus operandi. We ensure new technology is aligned with the company’s goals so that it allows the leadership to focus on the big picture.

How We Approach Technology

How we approach Technology

What We Do


  • Identify business goals
  • Current state and pain points across people, process, and platforms
  • Landscape of systems, data flow, integration, infrastructure, productivity tools, and security
  • Stop-light assessment

Business Process Analysis

  • Business process mapping and requirements
  • Identification of technology solutions to address inefficient processes and bottlenecks

Technology Roadmap

  • Business-driven recommendations for technology solutions
  • Systems, data, and resource dependencies
  • Budget and people
  • Timeline for implementing key technology systems and IT infrastructure

Project Management

  • Software selection
  • Project planning and risk management
  • Implementation
  • Change management

Case Studies

How Accelerated Growth implemented technology solutions to help companies scale up