Technology & Data Analytics

A man performing data mining.

Accelerated Growth provides entrepreneurial organizations with people and tools to achieve scalable growth. Our Technology and Data Analytics team ensures our clients' technology and data capabilities are aligned with their business goals, enabling the leadership team to make key decisions with timely information and focus on the big picture for their business. We believe the right technology and timely data insights will scale performance and drive a cost and strategic advantage.  

How We Approach Technology & Data

Accelerated  Growth's approach to data analytics and data science.

What We Do


  • Understand your technology platform's ability to help achieve your business goals
  • Identify current state and paint points across people, process, data, and platforms
  • Outline systems, data flow, integration, infrastructure, reporting and analysis, and security
  • Produce readiness and risk assessment


  • Provide business-driven recommendations for technology solutions
  • Discover data assets
  • Map future-state business processes
  • Construct a project plan that outlines system, data, budget, and resource needs

Project Management

  • Guide ERP and CRM software selection
  • Provide business analyst services through design, configuration, and testing
  • Execute project planning, vendor management, and risk management
  • Train and transition the organization through change management

Data & Analytics

  • Visualize information to easily understand key metrics and KPIs
  • Model data that aligns to your business
  • Implement a trusted data platform
  • Provide descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to drive business decisions

Case Studies

How Accelerated Growth implemented technology solutions to help companies scale up