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Managed Accounting

We create scalable accounting functions so that you don’t have to.


It’s difficult for entrepreneurial organizations to create the right baseline infrastructure within finance and accounting. The reason is simple. In the early stages of growth, founders and leadership teams tend to de-prioritize the importance of accounting. Who can blame them when there are sales to be made, product to be perfected, and culture to be built? As organizations look to build scale beyond those early stages, finance and accounting takes on a critical role. Without strong process in finance and accounting it becomes nearly impossible to determine product profitability, create robust budgets/forecasts, or even raise money.

AGA executes day-to-day accounting for entrepreneurial organizations by leveraging the best-practices and processes we’ve developed by working with 200+ entrepreneurial organizations. We have the tools and processes that will help you build scale.

Case Studies
Managed Accounting

Finance Transition in Complex, Hypergrowth Environment

A hypergrowth, nimble and technical leader in the development, ownership & operation of solar, natural gas, wind, and energy-storage projects, with a global footprint.

  • The company was reliant on an accounting department run entirely by a Controller with the support of an entry level staff accountant. This Controller provided only bare minimum reporting on often extremely delayed time schedules, and with a notable lack of team collaboration. After a delayed and turbulent audit, AGA was hastily brought in after the Controller departed, jumping head first into audit season while taking the helm of all accounting/finance operations. This was all transpiring as the company was poised for exponential growth.
  • COGS tracking and reporting was very difficult to calculate for a variety of factors (system constraints, account set ups, complex sales channels, etc.).
AGA’s Approach & Results

AGA’s tasks included the following:

  • Successfully executed a full external financial audit within first 4 months of engagement, with the audit report issued on time, and over 3 months earlier than the prior year’s audit.
  • Created financial infrastructure for the finance/accounting operations and worked directly with COO and CEO to ensure the structure of operations aligned smoothly with the rapidly growing business (revenue grew ~60% in first year of engagement).
  • Took on an comprehensive finance role including ownership / execution of all day-to-day accounting operations, including monthly financial statement preparation, analysis and formal review with COO and CEO.
  • Coordinated all ad hoc finance/accounting requests with various project development leads regarding capital costs, cash flow analysis, etc.
  • Assisted with and led finance portions of due diligence for potential strategic investor

Process Improvement and Modeling

A SaaS start-up (multi-million dollar revenue) in the architecture industry centered around subscription based training content for architects studying for the ARE exam.


After employing a remote managed-service accounting vendor, the CEO wanted a more sophisticated finance/accounting solution that would offer higher caliber services and more effective financial reviews. There was also no formal cash flow management or budgeting process, which constrained operational decision making.

AGA’s Approach & Results

AGA’s tasks included the following:

  • Clean-up prior year and YTD financials with new accrual accounting methodology.
  • Assumed a holistic finance role including transactional close, payroll, financial statement preparation, and analysis.
  • Built-out 26 week cash flow model as well as a 2018 operating budget.
  • Held weekly finance status meetings and monthly financial reviews to review cash projections weekly and company performance monthly.
  • Implemented new operational processes to provide visibility into profiitability by business line.

Financial Process Creation and Implementation

A sparkling water energy drink focused on providing consumers with a healthier way to obtain energy, while removing all of the negative sugars and caffeine sources usually associated with “pick me up” drinks.


New to the market, the company looked to implement a new financial system – from chart of accounts creation, to high-level reporting and financial / operational process implementation – in order to gain a grasp on the working capital intensive decisions needed to propel growth.

AGA’s Approach & Results
AGA’s tasks included the following:
  • Created and managed entirely of accounting operations (chart of accounts, invoicing, vendor management, month-end close, financial statement preparation, etc.)
  • Used systems such as Expensify,, QuickBooks and Gmail to manage the company’s day-to-day accounting operations in a streamlined fashion.
  • Designed a financial package tailored to the company, reporting KPIs that are crucial to understanding the business such as working capital planning and analysis.
  • Implemented and documented operational processes for each system used in day-to-day activity.


A company focused on allergy conscious products but without a solid pathway for growth was in the midst of some major changes. There was relocation, staffing changes, new investors, product diversification and sales channel adjustments.

  • After years of funding and nothing much to show of it, our client began an entire revamping process in an effort to take this company to the next level. AGA was brought in as a catalyst to stabilize/ optimize finance and accounting processes.
  • The client was overspending on their underperforming accounting team
  • The team was centralizing their workforce in a Chicago headquarters
AGA’s Approach & Results
AGA’s Tasks included the following:
  • An in depth analysis of the current finance / accounting infrastructure and a consolidated list of suggested solutions.
  • Quickly and efficiently transition the day to day accounting needs into the experienced hands of AGA staff.
  • Managed multiple vendor / system migrations during rebranding / relocation through the lens of setting up the finance function for scalable success.
  • Became the steady hands of the finance function to allow leadership/ operations to focus on the several other changes occurring simultaneously
  • Established streamlined day to day accounting processes, coupled with a formalized month-end close procedure at a more efficient cost to the company.

Financial Process Creation and Implementation

An outsourced recruiting services company specializing in recruiting for information technology, human resources, and marketing positions for companies located in the Chicago-land area. The company had built a solid portfolio across their verticals, but wanted to be poised to capture stronger growth going forward.


After using a more distant managed-service accounting vendor previously, the founder wanted a robust finance/accounting solution that would offer improved, streamlined services to granular level. Also, there was also no formal monthly financial review, which limited operational decision making significantly. Lastly, with underlying partner issues and misalignment of vision, AGA was positioned to help at both fundamental and strategic levels for the client

AGA’s Approach & Results
AGA’s tasks included the following:
    • Took on a comprehensive finance role including managed services, (invoicing, banking transactions) transactional close, and monthly financial statement preparation and analysis.
    • Set up of financial infrastructure for the finance/accounting function and worked directly with CEO to ensure the structure of operations would go smoothly with the business model
    • Created a monthly financial package as well as reporting tools and processes, working with all departments of the organization to create data-drive dashboards that combined financial and operational metrics
    • Implemented new finance/accounting processes to better capture gross-margin by business line (HR, IT, Marketing) analysis
    • Assisted CEO with partner buy-out and navigating strategic refresh for firm go-forward