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Finance Transformation

Our people and tools help you plan for the future.


A strong financial foundation is the bedrock of your business. That’s why it’s essential to have transparent and insightful financial reporting that aligns with your company’s needs.

Understanding your performance gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to making informed, mission-critical decisions. We’ll help you establish the infrastructure you need to build, shape and operate your business.

Case Studies
Finance Transformation

Finance Team & Process Buildout, Gross Profit Reporting

Our client grew from $500K to $125MM+ in just four years. Our team members were some of the first people brought into the organization and worked for 3 years (currently a client) directly with the founders to buildout finance and related process.

  • Prior to our engagement, one of the co-founders was running all of the company finances. Invoices and payables were sent whenever there was leftover time in the day and the company didn’t leverage financial data to make strategic decisions.
  • COGS tracking and reporting was very difficult to calculate for a variety of factors (system constraints, account set ups, complex sales channels, etc.).
AGA’s Approach & Results

AGA’s tasks included the following:

  • Set up of financial infrastructure for entity and worked directly with CEO to ensure structuring of operations would facilitate insights into COGs and other key reporting metrics.
  • Created baseline financial reporting tools and processes. Collaborated with all departments of the organization to create actionable dashboards that combined financial and operational data.
  • Built automated Excel processes focused on allowing data from disparate systems to be consolidated in a dashboard format.
  • Worked with executive leadership to recruit, onboard, and transition finance responsibilities to internal resources
  • Worked with leadership team on exit planning
  • Trained and developed new resources in finance, as well as general staff through onboarding training

Board Reporting, Modeling & Optimization

A subscription as a service company specializing in marketing for commercial real estate brokerages and agents nationwide. The company recently received an $8 million dollar VC capital infusion.


After receiving venture capital funding, the Board of Directors took issue with the company’s lack of financial personnel and infrastructure; requesting that the company find a Chief Financial Officer or VP of Finance. Given the immediate need of an experienced finance team, the company decided to engage AGA, which would satisfy the Board’s request while also building the financial infrastructure for the future finance department. AGA was tasked with creating a board approved operating budget, monitoring and analyzing SaaS KPI’s and deploying sophisticated reporting & modeling solutions for both the Board & C-Suite.

AGA’s Approach & Results

AGA’s tasks included the following:

  • Constructed a robust operating budget tool inclusive of hiring forecasts, cash burn analysis and dashboard for monitoring performance.
  • Assisted with the process of creating and monitoring SaaS KPI metrics and delivered streamlined monthly board performance workbook with planning calendar.
  • Improved financial reporting to accurately capture gross margin, customer acquisition costs and provided insight into departmental spend.
  • Developed a weekly cash flow model with 26-week look-ahead visibility and a dashboard to measure actual cash performance.
  • Created process documentation to improve efficiency and financial processes across departments.
  • Provided C-suite support related to board meeting preparation and deck review.

Finance Transition & Transformation

For almost 20 years, this company has been the leading provider of residential real estate photography in the US and an innovator within the industry introducing new technology and editing techniques.


The company was reliant on an accounting department run entirely by one person with the support of an A/R clerk. This person provided only bare minimum reporting on often extremely delayed time schedules. In addition the processes in place were extremely manual, outdated, and lacked a single page of documentation. AGA was brought in to help with transition of this person (who suddenly retired a week early) while simultaneously revamping the core processes, infrastructure and deploying sophisticated reporting and modeling solutions.

AGA’s Approach & Results
AGA’s tasks included the following:
  • Reviewed all processes, workflow, roles & responsibilities as it relates to daily and monthly tasks, planned and implemented new processes to optimize performance
  • Learned, executed, and documented complex and voluminous transactional accounting tasks despite early exit from department head.
  • Implemented new reporting and automation for bi-weekly payment of over 200 subcontractors, 30 hourly employees and 20 sales people including commission payment visibility and modeling.
  • Worked closely with senior leadership team and department heads to produce accurate budget to actual reporting and provide assistance in budgeting review in the face of missed revenue targets.
  • Provided C-suite support related to board meeting preparation and deck review.


Finance Function Revamp – Infrastructure & Insights

Our client recently bought out a business partner due to lack of a shared vision. The partner previously handled the financial and operational aspects of the business, though had minimal experience doing so. Our client enlisted the help of AGA to revamp and improve the existing infrastructure, as well as build advanced analytics and reporting dashboards in order to make informed decisions.


The company was struggling with plateauing sales, and declining profitability but had no visibility into the drivers of either. Prior to our engagement, there was no analysis or reporting performed, as the team did not have the capacity to build it. Additionally, the company had no methodology for tracking inventory, and therefore no insight into their margins.

AGA’s Approach & Results
AGA’s Tasks included the following:
  • Reviewed, validated and documented processes in a detailed handbook, allowing for easy traceability and onboarding of team members.
  • Worked alongside internal team to identify major pain points of the business (inventory tracking, lack of processes and information to make strategic decisions) then developed and executed plans to implement procedures and systems to collect and track vital information
  • Developed automated sales analytics dashboard with detailed information into sales by: channel, product category, customer, and sales rep
  • Created a robust financial reporting package, that provided exhaustive information used to drive business decisions
  • Set infrastructure around weekly and monthly departmental meetings to communicate financial and sales results and increase company-wide communication.

Finance Function Revamp – Process, Data & Analytics

Our client experienced significant growth over the last few years, and were fortunate enough to be able to operate strictly based on the balance of their bank account. The “run through walls” strategy worked with their initial stage of rapid growth, but as growth started leveling out our client required a more sophisticated approach to data and analytics, which ultimately started through building their finance function.


As our client grew so quickly and didn’t require it, the finance team was never developed. Financial reporting was done once a year for tax purposes only, and had not been used for nearly two years. Additionally, any analysis currently being performed was highly labor intensive as processes were inefficient.

AGA’s Approach & Results
AGA’s tasks included the following:
  • Performed an exhaustive cleanup of the previous year’s financial reporting to ensure a large foundation of data to draw from
  • Developed consistent, recurring processes used to generate financial reports on a regular basis
  • Constructed automated Excel analyses that in some cases reduced man-hours from one day per month to one hour per month, and produced reliable conclusions
  • Developed strategies for pricing of products, reducing freight costs, improving commission structures, and extending credit to customers through extensive analysis
  • Developed an automated analysis used to purchase large amounts of inventory on a regular basis, and maintain optimal levels
  • Trained internal team members to take ownership and operate the automated analyses

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