Finance Transformation

Accelerated Growth team discussing financial strategy best practices

At Accelerated Growth, we know that a strong financial foundation is the bedrock of your business. That’s why we help you establish the financial infrastructure you need to build, shape, and operate your business.

We provide financial process improvement, cash flow insights, budgeting/forecasting, and analytics so that you understand your performance and get a competitive advantage while making mission-critical decisions.

How We Approach Finance Transformation

Accelerated Growth approach to financial advisory and planning

What We Do

Financial Process Improvement

  • Document current finance processes
  • Develop financial toolbox roadmap
  • Streamline collections and payables processes
  • Refine communication path and cadence

Cash Flow Insights & Key Metrics

  • Develop 13- or 26-week cash flow model with insights
  • Create and monitor liquid asset dashboard
  • Align with budget
  • Automate weekly cash dashboard
  • Integrate cash metrics on leadership scorecards
  • Develop strategic cash plan for use of debt

Budgeting / Forecasting

  • Create goal-driven budget tool
  • Solicit input from all functional areas
  • Review monthly progress and analyze variances
  • Solicit feedback from line-item owners on monthly basis
  • Communicate goals and performance to leadership
  • Integrate KPIs into entrepreneurial operating system

Analytics / Dashboards

  • Create weekly leadership dashboards
  • Develop financial metrics
  • Create operational metrics from department heads
  • Enhance reporting through visualizations
  • Develop finance materials for board meetings
  • Create investor relations reports

M&A Advisory

  • Perform due diligence on potential targets
  • Review accounting processes
  • Develop acquisition playbooks
  • Facilitate change management projects

Case Studies

How Accelerated Growth built financial infrastructure and helped companies scale up