Case Study

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Finance Transformation
Finance Transition & Transformation


For more than 20 years, this company has been the leading provider of residential real estate photography in the US and an innovator within the industry introducing new technology and editing techniques.


The company was reliant on an accounting department run entirely by one person with the support of an A/R clerk. This person provided only bare minimum reporting on often extremely delayed time schedules. Besides, the processes in place were extremely manual, outdated, and lacked a single page of documentation. AG was brought in to help with the transition of this person (who suddenly retired a week early) while simultaneously revamping the core processes, infrastructure and deploying sophisticated reporting and modeling solutions.

AG’s Approach & results

AG’s tasks included the following:

  • Reviewed all processes, workflow, roles & responsibilities as it relates to daily and monthly tasks, planned and implemented new processes to optimize performance
  • Learned, executed, and documented complex and voluminous transactional accounting tasks despite an early exit from the department head.
  • Implemented new reporting and automation for bi-weekly payment of over 200 subcontractors, 30 hourly employees and 20 salespeople including commission payment visibility and modeling.
  • Worked closely with the senior leadership team and department heads to produce an accurate budget to actual reporting and aid in budgeting review in the face of missed revenue targets.
  • Provided C-suite support related to board meeting preparation and deck review.