Case Study

Finance Transformation
user Robinson Paintill

Finance Transformation
Finance Transformation for $250MM F500 Innovation Hub


A multinational aerospace corporation launched an innovation arm in response to shifting market and competitive dynamics in the aerospace industry. With a focus on developing game-changing technologies, the corporation tapped their brightest engineering and business minds to run this innovation hub out of Silicon Valley.


While opportunities were teeming on the technology side of the new innovation arm, the organization was confronted with early challenges around process, systems and a clear method to understanding, assessing and reporting on the progress of their projects, which were essentially run like stand-alone companies.

AG was brought in to support the innovation arm’s newly established shared services organization.

AG’s Approach & results

AG’s tasks included the following:

  • Assessed tools, software, and overall execution methodologies of the 10+ projects
  • Determined most suitable technology solutions to implement going forward
  • Served as the project management office to A3 to help bring the gap between engineering and project teams and between shared services and A3 leadership
  • Led a systems selection and implementation project resulting in a robust reporting and forecasting platform, Anaplan, that helped A3 align with Airbus Group’s reporting requirements
  • Bolstered the planning and forecasting capabilities of A3 and its project teams