Case Study

Finance Transition & Transformation
user Robinson Paintill

Finance Transformation
Finance Function Revamp – Infrastructure & Insights


Our client bought out a business partner due to a lack of a shared vision. The partner, who previously handled the financial and operational aspects of the business, had minimal experience in doing so. Our client enlisted the help of AG to revamp and improve the existing infrastructure, as well as build advanced analytics and reporting dashboards to make informed decisions.


The company was struggling with plateauing sales, and declining profitability but had no visibility into the drivers of either. Before our engagement, there was no analysis or reporting performed, as the team could not build it. Additionally, the company had no methodology for tracking inventory, and therefore no insight into their margins.

AG’s Approach & results

AG’s tasks included the following:

  • Reviewed, validated and documented processes in a detailed handbook, allowing for easy traceability and onboarding of team members.
  • Worked alongside an internal team to identify major pain points of the business (inventory tracking, lack of processes and information to make strategic decisions) then developed and executed plans to implement procedures and systems to collect and track vital information
  • Developed automated sales analytics dashboard with detailed information into sales by channel, product category, customer, and sales rep
  • Created a robust financial reporting package, that provided exhaustive information used to drive business decisions
  • Set infrastructure around weekly and monthly departmental meetings to communicate financial and sales results and increase company-wide communication.