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About Us

Accelerated Growth Advisors develops and executes creative,
effective strategies that enhance business performance.
Here’s our story.


Accelerated Growth Advisors was founded in 2009 to provide entrepreneurial organizations with the people and tools to achieve scalable growth. We realized that the founders, investors, and leadership teams of early stage companies often lack access to the financial and operational expertise needed to create the right foundation for growth. That’s where AGA comes in. Since inception, we’ve worked with 300+ companies across multiple industries in the Midwest, Silicon Valley and beyond. Whether we’re working with a privately held business, a PE/VC funded organization, or the venture arm of a Fortune 500 company, our value proposition is the same. We build infrastructure so that founders, investors and leadership teams can focus on growth.


AGA helps entrepreneurial organizations increase shareholder value. We’ve worked with some of the best companies in the world, and are driven by more than just our expertise in finance and operations. Our vision is to change the entrepreneurial landscape by providing growth oriented companies access to people and tools that are not normally available to them.

Our Passion: Transforming people and organizations
Our Vision: Every entrepreneurial organization in the world has access to the people and tools to achieve scalable growth.
Our Mission: To develop a high-impact team with the tools necessary to empower scalable growth.

Our Clients

Change is the only constant within entrepreneurial organizations. To be successful, early stage companies must continuously evolve. To evolve, founders, investors and leadership teams must have clarity on business operations.

AGA is there to help. Our clients face various business scenarios, but our value proposition is always the same. We allow our clients to focus on growth, while ensuring that their organizations are structured to execute to that growth effectively. The best part is, not only do we get to work with dynamic companies every day, we are part of one ourselves.

Our People

As great as our clients are, the success of our own firm is driven by two things – people and culture. Many companies use the mantra “client first.” We are not such an organization. We unabashedly put our own team first. Our clients come second, and the firm itself third. The logic is simple: If our team is constantly learning, growing and fulfilled, our clients garner tangible results. If our team delivers tangible results to our clients, our clients reward the firm.

Our culture is about personal and professional development. Our goal is to “Accelerate Growth,” not just for our clients, but for our team. In fact, at the core of our leadership development plan is the philosophy of servant leadership which mandates a focus on development of the team. We invest heavily in developing our team because it’s the right thing to do, and it’s what grows our firm.