Accelerated Growth

Our Story

Accelerated growth advisors logo on the wall that says 'Make no Little Plans'

After years of working in big corporate, private equity, and small businesses, our founder saw firsthand how a solid foundation is imperative before scaling a business. However, founders, investors, and leaders of companies, particularly early-stage companies, often lack access to the financial and operational expertise needed to create the right foundation for growth. That is where Accelerated Growth comes in.

In 2009, Accelerated Growth (AG) was founded to provide entrepreneurial organizations with the people and tools to achieve scalable growth. We accomplish this through our expertise in managed accounting, finance transformation, and technology and data.

We have worked with 300+ companies across diverse industries in the Midwest, Silicon Valley, and beyond. Whether we are working with private business, a PE/VC funded organization, or the venture arm of a Fortune 500 company, our value proposition is the same. We are not just consultants, we are partners, helping to build scalable infrastructure so you can focus on growth.

What Drives Us

At Accelerated Growth, we are driven by more than just our expertise in accounting, finance, and technology and data. We strive towards changing the entrepreneurial landscape by providing growth-oriented companies access to people and tools that are normally not available to them.

Our Passion

Transforming people and organizations

Our Vision

Every entrepreneurial organization in the world has access to the people and tools to achieve scalable growth

Our Mission

Develop a high-impact team empowered to deliver scalable growth

Our Core Values

Our core values drive the way we operate within the company and with our clients. At Accelerated Growth, we pride ourselves on our distinctive leadership style focused on servant leadership. We believe that our success is not defined by the number of clients we have nor by our profits. Success is measured by the number of people that AG empowers to do great things. Our leadership team is dedicated to ensuring that every member of our team is growing personally and professionally.


Has a Story

There’s a reason for being here and this personal ‘why’ drives us towards success


(IQ + Tools)EQ = Impact

Emotional intelligence is the accelerant that drives impact


Badass Problem Solver

We combine effort and creativity to tackle complex problems


Authority, Not Power

We manage by authority, earned through trust, respect, and expertise—not titles


Grow or Go

Personal and professional growth through spending time outside your comfort zone

Our Team

At Accelerated Growth, our team is our first priority. Our leadership team is dedicated to ensuring that every member of our team is growing personally and professionally. We strongly believe in the philosophy of servant leadership and know that our success is the result of the collective energy, intelligence, and contributions of all team members.

Bobby Achettu
Bobby Achettu Founder & CEO Bobby has more than 20 years of experience in advisory and operational roles. As an entrepreneur himself, he understands how to speak the language of founders. Throughout his career, Bobby has led or advised on equity and debt transactions ranging from $500k to $1B. Prior to AG, he worked within portfolio company strategy/operations at a Chicago-based private equity firm within PwC’s consulting practice and for a Fortune 100 organization. Bobby holds a bachelor’s degree from DePaul University, an MBA from the University of Notre Dame, and is an Adjunct Faculty Member at Northwestern University. He is also a Director on four corporate boards of companies ranging in size from $5MM - $50MM in revenue. Know More
Jeff Lampe
Jeff Lampe Board Member Jeff’s expertise spans a wide array of industries and roles. He has been an entrepreneur and investor his whole career. Jeff established the largest technology-focused venture capital fund in Indiana shortly after graduating from college. In 20 years of leadership experience in venture capital, innovation, and operations, Jeff went on to achieve an aggregate IRR for venture (equity) deals he led that exceeded each of his fund’s vintage-year benchmarks. In addition to serving on AG’s board, Jeff is the Managing Director of the Midwest Technology Venture Banking group at Signature Bank. Know More
Sonny Balani
Sonny Balani Board Member Featured in some of the country’s leading publications for his business acumen and leadership style, Sonny is a seasoned entrepreneur. He has the distinction of having developed the Balani brand to be the most recognized name in the custom clothing industry, known for old-world craftsmanship, amazing customer service, and an unparalleled experience. Sonny has launched ventures in other industries, as well. As a board member at AG, Sonny provides strategic direction in marketing, branding, recruiting, and strategy. Sonny brings a unique perspective, having seen the evolution of AG from being a start-up to an established firm. Know More
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