The Enterprise Value Pyramid

The AGA team partners with clients using a proven methodology developed through work within 40+ high-growth entrepreneurial organizations. AGA’s methodology promotes growth and success at every level of business. Click on the tabs below to learn more about each level of our service offerings:


Having a strong financial, operational, and strategic infrastructure facilitates the overall management of a business, as it provides the actual foundation for growth. That’s why with all clients, AGA ensures efficient and effective practices are instituted at the most basic level of a business. Without taking this first step, the other services AGA provides our clients wouldn’t deliver the same high value.

Finance Function Administration:

AGA implements best practices in all financial areas of our clients’ businesses. We execute change within the Finance function and help establish optimum accuracy and efficiency in all processes. AGA’s services are client specific, ranging from oversight of on-site staff, to carrying out the day-to-day financial activities of an organization.

Resource Optimization:

In addition to providing valuable resources to enhance our clients’ finance function, we work to optimize the resources our clients already have. AGA brings accountability to your organization by establishing financial and operational performance metrics which provide targets for both individuals, and the organization as a whole.

Financial Analysis:

A high-performing finance function provides clarity in decision making to investors and management teams. Our financial analysis services takes otherwise static data and makes it actionable for entrepreneurs. By taking an active role in overseeing finance and by optimizing resources, AGA can establish disciplined practices that create visibility into the performance of an organization.


AGA’s mission of helping entrepreneurs execute their vision is facilitated by our focus on the big picture. We oversee the financial and operational aspects of their business, which lets our clients concentrate on their particular areas of expertise.

CFO Services:

AGA delivers a skilled team with the resources to handle the responsibilities of a CFO and offers the major value of having the ability to work within Finance at all levels of the organization. We bring our considerable experience from working with over 40 high-growth entrepreneurial organizations to our clients, allowing for a highly effective CFO services offering.

Revenue Enhancement:

Revenue enhancement lies at the center of AGA’s Building Blocks. We develop a executable, disciplined business development process which holds everyone in the organization (including the CEO) accountable for growth. Our revenue enhancement services are continual, as we constantly reassess and find ways to further improve and drive growth.

Sustainable Growth Planning:

AGA provides our clients with a financial, operational and strategic infrastructure most effective for where they are in their lifecycle. We not only establish the foundation to accommodate high-growth but we also create plans to both sustain and further that growth.


AGA’s comprehensive service offerings afford a unique value proposition; we go beyond establishing sound financial practices and overseeing the performance of the company. We provide our clients with the guidance and support to take their businesses beyond their initial vision.

Board Advisory:

We work to cultivate strong relationships with both our client’s’ management and execution teams that help us truly understand their organization. At the same time, we build strong relationships with the entrepreneurs themselves so that we can fully see their vision. With this level of awareness, the AGA team is typically the outside advisor best positioned to effectively advise our clients and their boards as they make key strategic decisions.

Long-Term Vision:

Even as we address the most basic level of an organizations’ finances, the AGA team works toward long-term development, establishing processes that equip our clients with the tools to realize their vision. AGA’s flexibility in consistently evaluating and looking for ways to improve paves the way for new opportunities for growth and success.

Strategic Partnerships:

AGA Founder and Managing Partner, Bob Achettu, brings practical experience from his previous work at a Chicago-based venture capital firm and a strong network of connections in various industries. Bob’s role in strategy consulting within a Big 4 firm and his experience within Finance at a Fortune 500 firm contribute to his understanding of strategic partnering, joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions, and other organic and in-organic ways for companies to grow.