AGA is serious about team professional development. We offer monthly open-topic training sessions, which we call the Magic School Bus. Additionally, we offer personal mentoring in the form of weekly one-on-one meetings to ensure that you are receiving everything you need to track towards your personal goals.

The Magic Schoolbus

As part of our commitment to growth, the AGA team participates in monthly training sessions, or as we like to call them, the Magic School Bus. During these trainings, everyone has the opportunity to educate the rest of the team on a relevant topic. See below for some sample topics that the team has presented in the past:

  • Small Business on a Diet – Lean Startups
  • Eradicating Tediousness with Macros
  • Planning to Fail or Failing to Business Plan?
  • Learn 80% of QuickBooks in 1 Hour
  • Networking – Breaking the Ice
  • The 7th Layer of Excel Hell
  • Finding Yourself with SEO
  • Polishing Your Business Speak
  • Accounting Minutiae – Abacuses & Typewriters
  • Navigating Process Maps Without a Compass

Quarterly Goal Setting

You drive your career at AGA. During weekly one-on-ones with your supervisor, you will set and track quarterly goals. Whether you’re an intern and want to improve presentation skills or a senior analyst with an objective to increase sales, we make sure your goals are achievable and that you have the resources to be successful.

Analyst Training Program

Deep-rooted in AGA’s philosophy, we seek to foster the development of every AGA team member. The Analyst Training Program (ATP) provides a structured approach to development for those early in their careers. The ATP contains the following components:

  • Professional Goal Setting
  • Weekly One on Ones
  • Monthly “Magic School Bus” Training
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Networking Skills
  • Technical Skill Building
      • Cross-disciplinary Exposure
      • Immersion in Entrepreneurship
      • Visibility into Consulting Firm Operations
      • “Big & Little” Informal Mentorship
      • Mock Interviews and Resume Prep for Interns looking to secure other full time positions


  • At AGA we pride ourselves in our dedication to personal growth and professional development. This commitment is exemplified through our Magic School Buses, analyst training program, and our strong workplace culture. The professional development provided at AGA has allowed many of our alumni to go on to great things in a variety of industries.